Özel resim dersleri — Göktürk

Özel resim dersleri — Göktürk

Yabancı öğretmenden özel resim dersleri 👇
Harkiv Sanat Akademisi mezunu ( Ukrayna ), 15 yıllık profesyonel iş tecrübesine sahip sanatçı ve öğretmenim.
5 yaş üzeri çocuklara ve yetişkinlere özel resim ve çizim dersleri vermekteyim🦄🌷🌸 Derslerimde, öğrencilerimi yalnızca çizim yapmak konusunda değil, yaratıcılık süreci çerçevesinde İngilizce dilinde iletişim kurmak ve bu dili anlamak noktalarında da eğitmeye çalışıyorum.
Birlikte yaratıcı materyallerle oynuyoruz, çizimler yapıyoruz, İngilizce iletişim kurmayı öğreniyoruz 🎨
Dünyanın 🌎 9 ülkesinde bazı özel koleksiyonlarda eserlerim mevcut olup, bugün İstanbul`da ikamet etmekte ve çalışmaktayım.
Yeterli seviyede İngilizce ve Rusça, düşük seviyede Türkçe konuşabiliyorum.
Daha detaylı bilgi için lütfen mesaj gönderiniz.

Being graduated from Kharkiv State Academy of Arts and Design (Ukraine), I am an artist and teacher with 15 years of professional experience.

I give private drawing and painting lessons for children minimum 5 years old, and also for adults. In my lessons, I educate my students to learn not only to draw but also to communicate and understand English in the process of creativity🍭
We play with creative materials, draw and learn to communicate in English.

My artworks are in private collections in 9 countries 🌎of the world, I settle and work in Istanbul today.
I can speak fluent English & Russian, and intermediate level Turkish. Art lessons only in English or Russian!

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I work with kids who really want to draw. This should be their strong and sincere desire. Also, they already started to study English and they need practice as much as possible!

How do we work:

The child works in the usual and comfortable space for him, in his house with his own materials.

He can use during an art practice that materials which he already knows, such as colored pencils, markers, watercolor. Or we will discover something new as acrylic paints, working with real canvases and easel.

If in the family two kids and they are both in love with art, they can work and study together during the lesson.


One lesson duration 60 min cost 150 TL per child

First acquaintance with the child is FREE


To book your date and time please, contact us by E-mail: soaveradg@gmail.com

Or write to WhatsApp +90 (531) 690 46 12  Vera 


Happy child — Happy parents!