Istanbul Drawing Day

In spring 2017, Vera arrived to Istanbul in order to discover the unique city with rich legacy at the confluence of religions, cultures and continents. This city is unique not only for the combination of Europe and Asia in itself, but also for attraction of talented people from all over the world, a sort of intersection of paths and destinies.
In August, 2017, Vera organized a cultural project Istanbul Drawing Day the main concept of which is to unite people of various ages, skin colours, nationalities, confessions, social status under the single flag of art.
Once a month, all art enthusiasts gather to explore the most interesting places of Istanbul and draw it all together.
The participants from such countries as Ukraine, Holland, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Iran, Turkey, Serbia, Spain (Tenerife island), Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan, Russia, China, Germany, Hungary participated in the project.
It’s not a requirement for only artists to come to the drawing day, many people simply want to try something new and get acquainted with the city and interesting people.
The most curious result of the drawing day consists in the fact that if a person who has never painted and thinks one can not draw comes, then takes a pencil and a sheet of paper, listens to Vera DG’s explanation about the drawing process and provides a perfect result within one hour. 
This is Dariush from Iran and first drawing in his life. He never did it before. Really good result for the first try.
It proves again that we are all drawing with our head (brain), i.e a picture is the thinking process of analysis and synthesis, and everyone can draw.
And if someone thinks he can not, it’s only due to the power of stereotypes and prejudices put into the head by himself and his environment throughout life.
Ayman from Saudi Arabia were travelling around Turkey, and he came from Bursa to Istanbul special for 1 day to attend the event. He never drew before and it was first experience in his life.
We believe that art is without borders and for every person who decided to open his possibilities. Project continue...